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Selenium WebDriver and supported browser versions

Selenium is a fantastic project, however its documentation is far from perfect. Information on Selenium website is not always precise and up to date – see Supported Browsers and Platforms and Platforms Supported by Selenium. I will try to sort that for you.

Here are the browsers most frequently used with WebDriver: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.


My personal favourite browser with plenty of useful add-ons. In theory, supported are following versions: the latest release, the previous release, the latest ESR release and the previous ESR release. In practice, list of supported versions is not clear to me. Once your Firefox was automatically updated, there is very high chance of running into troubles. I’d recommend using current version -1 or -2, disabling auto update feature and manual updates of both language bindings and browser version being used. Some information could be found in language bindings’ change logs. For Java, this can be found here.


Supported versions are clearly specified in release notes on Download page. E.g. release notes for ChromeDriver v2.11 can be found here.

Internet Explorer

In theory, all versions from 6 to most recent one are supported, however some additional configuration may be needed. In practice, if you have to support version 8 and below, this will be an uphill struggle. Try to avoid supporting old IE versions as much as possible. Also don’t be too optimistic with regards to support for newly released IE versions. See history of some issue for more details.


This browser was born for Mac OS X and in the past was available for Windows as well. Currently version for Windows was abandoned and Safari is available only for Apple products. Supported version: 5.1 and above. Apple used to slightly change default behavior of its browser with every new version, so expect the unexpected, e.g. that.


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