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Selenium WebDriver can’t run tests in Safari after upgrade to 7.1

If you (a) do Selenium test automation targeting OS X platform, and (b) recently upgraded your Safari browser to 7.1 version, you must have noticed it no longer works.

Once test starts to execute in a browser, error message is displayed: Unable to establish a connection with the SafariDriver extension


There is already a Selenium issue #7933 for that. No fix so far, however a manual workaround is available:

  • download SafariDriver jar, most recent version can be found in Maven repo, currently this is 2.43.1
  • extract content of the jar: jar xf selenium-safari-driver-2.43.1.jar
  • go to org/openqa/selenium and double-click SafariDriver.safariextz

Problem solved. You will need to do that once on every machine you run your tests in Safari.

What is interesting in this situation, is that there is no clear communication between those who develop the browser, and those who develop browser-specific WebDriver. This is very similar to problems with IE11 once it was released (that problem is already sorted).


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