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Distributed testing with JMeter

Once you move on from prototyping your performance tests to actual performance test execution, single JMeter instance may quickly become the bottleneck. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to configure distributed testing.


  • – JMeter client (machine which controls test execution)
  • – JMeter server I (machine which executes tests and send results back to the client)
  • – JMeter server II (same as above)

All above machines are dual-homed: have 2 network interfaces. Once is used for accessing internet, another for communication between the nodes. In this scenario we don’t make use of VPN, proxy and don’t need to set up SSH port forwarding.

Client configuration

In, set the following:


Server configuration

In, set the following:


In jmeter-server, set the following:


Do the same for 2nd server, but specify IP address. You may want to use different port numbers. As long as ports you pick are not in use and client-side configuration matches server-side configuration, this is fine.

Test Execution

Start JMeter server on both nodes by running ./jmeter-server.

In the above steps, you configured bi-directional communication between client and servers. Once this is done, you are ready do kick off test execution with Run / Remote Start All in JMeter GUI. Alternatively, you can run your tests in non-GUI mode.


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